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Endocrinology Effective Weight Loss Plans with OPTIFAST®

Certified OPTIFAST® Medical Weight Loss Practice

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Phase 3: Food.Fit.Forever.©

Customized Calorie Control
Nutrition education training

Phase 3 and Beyond Meeting Your Long Range Nutrition Needs


Keep your health commitment, with ongoing supportive calorie-control, customized for current goals. Continual nutrition strategies for keeping weight down as time goes by.

PHASE 1: Jumpstart© with OPTIFAST®
When your BMI is 25 or higher, start here.
PHASE 2: Living Lean© Nutrition Transition
For Continued BMI Improvement
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OPTIFAST® Food.Fit.Forever.© Program Includes
  • Phase 3 is Customized Calorie Control

    Keep up long term menu planning with your Registered Dietitian.
    • Keep calories controlled with 3, 2, or 1 servings of meal or snack replacement, and your personalized home meal plan.
  • Get with the Group! Nutrition Training Classes offered weekly, led by Dietitian Instructors.

    • Phase 3 attendance is customized with bi-weekly or monthly participation. Our ongoing education topics are designed to make real food solutions possible for weight control.
  • Pre-Group Custom Counseling Support

    with Registered Dietitian Coaches privately at the weight scale
    • Meet & Discuss privately with our Dietitian before the weekly group Nutrition Classes.
  • Phase 3 Opportunity for One-to-One Dietitian Counseling Appointments

    Included as part of the flexible class card enrollment. Meetings can be scheduled based on individual needs in addition to the Group Nutrition Classes offered weekly.

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