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Endocrinology Effective Weight Loss Plans with OPTIFAST®

Certified OPTIFAST® Medical Weight Loss Practice

Nestle Health Science Optifast
Phase 1: Jumpstart© Program

Medically Monitored All-Meal Replacement Program
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When your BMI is 25 or higher

Lose More Now.

Program Goal: 3-4 lbs per week

Average weight loss: 15-45 pounds
with varying customized program lengths
of 6-10 weeks.

PHASE 1: Jumpstart© with OPTIFAST®
When your BMI is 25 or higher, start here.
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OPTIFAST® Jumpstart© Program Includes
  • Daily OPTIFAST® Shakes, Bars & Soups

    consumed with no other food calories
    • 5-7 servings of OPTIFAST® daily, eating every 3-4 hours you are awake
    • Calorie-free drinks OK!
      (cofee, tea, diet drinks, flavored water)
  • Medical monitoring appointments

    with Endocrinologist with customized follow-up plans
  • Individual Transition Appointment

    with Dietitian before starting new healthy eating transitition.
  • Weekly Personal Weight Checks & Dietitian Consultation

    • Private one-to-one weight check with Dietitian review of weekly progress.
    • Required weekly, completed each week prior to the start of the group session.
  • Weekly Group Health Habits Training Sessions

    • Education-based presentation & discussion with take home materials and weekly ‘health-work’.
    • Required weekly, with rolling admission and health habit topics.

We help you choose your program

Upon completion of your initial 4, 6, or extended 10 weeks of Jumpstart© all meal replacement, the program includes an additional 6 weeks to Transition from OPTIFAST® items to your new healthy eating plan, in the Living Lean© Nutrition Program.

Time To Get Started: One, Two Three OPTIFAST®

When your BMI 25 or higher LOSE MORE NOW.

  • 1 Attend a Free Information Session to meet us & learn all details in person.
  • 2 Visit our Endocrinologist for Medical Screening Qualification & Consent
  • 3 Join our Dietitians’-led Welcome Session in order to officially enroll in the group and take home your initial week of OPTIFAST
Optifast products

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