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Endocrinology Effective Weight Loss Plans with OPTIFAST®

Certified OPTIFAST® Medical Weight Loss Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about patients like you

Q: Is this DIET going to work for me?


Yes, we said DIET and know that it truly is. OptiFAST products The Optifast® “D” word is a temporary plan that uses controlled calorie nutrition items to replace food. When food is out of the picture, then you are truly able to FOCUS on your past weight gain pitfalls. Each week we address past health behaviors, habits, and attitudes. We build coping skills and strategies to ensure that the weight lost with Optifast® will stay lost once you resume healthy eating.

Q: Do I really need to do this?


Yes, if you have struggled with typical dieting efforts. And YES if you currently have limited or NO exercise in your daily routine. The weight you lose with Optifast® will lessen the pain on the back, legs, hips & feet….shortness of breath can decrease, and overall energy levels increase. You are more likely to exercise once an initial weight loss is achieved, leading to more success in your weight management journey.

Q: Do I need to knock out ALL food to be successful in this program? What about hunger?


Yes, if you already tried losing weight by carefully measuring your food portions and noticed that the scale still doesn’t move. Many people find it difficult to accurately determine portion sizes and eat consistent amounts of food day after day. Clinical studies show that when people are given very few food choices, or even no food choices, it is easier to decrease the amount of calories they consume each day.

By taking away the majority of selection and preparation of foods, and reducing the availability of foods, people lose weight. This is the concept called “stimuli narrowing.” The ‘stimulating’ cues or triggers related to food intake are lessened to allow you to stay in fat-burning mode.

The feeling of hunger and the impulsive desire to eat are real concerns. To increase success in weight loss, controlling hunger is a primary objective. This control involves both preventing and managing hunger sensations….both physical and emotional. Our program Dietitian Instructors will suggest various techniques to accomplish this goal. Hunger sensations fade within a few days after starting the program when the body is more easily burning fat calories.

Q: What is special about the Optifast® products compared to others?


Optifast®, has been developed for nearly 25 years. Using Optifast, your daily nutrition needs are covered morning, noon & night. The benefits of this type of diet are in the reduced calories, complete nutrition, and perhaps most importantly, in the ability to stick with the diet because no food choices are made. No other vitamin supplementation is needed.

Optifast®, items include Refreshing Shakes, Hot Flavorful Soups, and Tasteful Crunch Bars:

  • High-quality, complete nutrition from Nestle Nutrition Experts.
  • Pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings.
  • Quick and simple preparation.