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Endocrinology Effective Weight Loss Plans with OPTIFAST®

Certified OPTIFAST® Medical Weight Loss Practice

Enrollment Financing

Program enrollment is pay as you go, with commitment at each phase of weight loss. Optifast® nutrition purchase is available weekly. Program education costs are billed directly to participants for payment via cash, check or credit card. Health insurance can be billed only for individual medical visits & routine testing throughout the program. Complete enrollment details are provided during the Free Information Sessions; come learn more.

At your current weight….How much do you pay for food now? Can you budget for our consistent approach to weight management?

Add up your weekly spending to learn your nutrition budget for weekly Optifast® purchase.

Number Weekly Grocery Trips= _____ x Average Grocery Cost per Trip= $_______ = $ _______ weekly grocery spending

Number Weekly Convenience Store & Coffee Stops = ________ x Average Quick Stop Cost per Trip = $______+ = $ __________ weekly convenience spending

Number of Weekly Dining Out Events; Restaurant & Take Out Meals = ________x Average Restaurant Cost per Trip $_______ + Average Take-Out Cost per Trip $ _______ = $ ________ weekly out of home spending

Do you spend more than $100 a week in food for at home, social events, or out on the road?

Optifast® purchase averages from $17-20 daily during the most intensely structured weeks of weight loss. Your Optifast purchase amounts decrease in the final 4 weaning weeks.