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Margaret T. Ryan, M.D.



  • Endocrinology

    Board Certified


Bryn Mawr Medical Arts Pavilion
825 Old Lancaster Road
Suite 360
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Phone: (610) 527-1604
(610) 525-8018

Dr. Ryan is accepting new patients and treats type 1 and type 2 diabetes, obesity, PCOS, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary and adrenal disorders along with osteoporosis. She does not treat adrenal fatigue. She does not routinely prescribe Armour thyroid, Naturethroid, compounded hormone products or growth hormone.

Education & Training


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Endocrinology Fellowship


The Mount Sinai Hospital


The Mount Sinai Hospital

Medical School

New York University School of Medicine
M.D., 05/2004


Williams College
English and Biology B.A.

Current Memberships & Activities

  • Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctor 2017
  • Main Line Today Top Doctor 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Member Endocrine Society
  • Member Philadelphia Endocrine Society

Recent Clinical Studies Published

  • Ryan MT, Mandel S, Miller JL. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and the Brain. Practical Neurology. 2008; 7(10): 13-16.
  • Ryan MT, Furlong K, Jabbour SA. A Late Presentation of Thyrotoxicosis from functioning metastases in Metastatic Thyroid Carcinoma. EndoTrends, Endocrine Fellows Foundation. 2009; 16(2): 12-13.
  • Ryan MT, Savarese VW, Hipszer B, Joseph JI. Brief Report: Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) shows potential for early hypoglycemia detection in hospitalized patients. Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics. 2009; 11(11): 745-747.
  • Ryan MT, Savarese VW, Hipszer B, McCullen MK, Jose T, Joseph JI. Continuous Glucose Monitoring Improved Detection of Hypoglycemia in Hospitalized Patients. Abstract Poster Presentation at: AACE 19th Annual Meeting and Clinical Congress. April, 2010.
  • Ryan MT, Savarese V, Jabbour SA. Severe, acute dermatoses due to metabolic, endocrine and nutritional disorders. In: Wolf R, Davidovici B, Parish JL, Parish LC (eds): Emergency Dermatology. Cambridge University Press. 2010
  • Ryan MT, Jabbour SA. Sodium Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors. In: Metabolic Syndrome: Underlying mechanisms and Drug Therapies. Wiley and Sons, 2011. p. 359-376
  • Ryan MT, Savarese VW, Hipszer B, Joseph, JI. Continuous Glucose Monitors for Early Hypoglycemia Detection in Hospitalized Patients. Full Manuscript in Preparation


  • Addition of Insulin to Oral therapies in Type 2 Diabetics: Discussion of Holmen et al.’s article in the recent NEJM. Endocrinology Forum, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. October, 2007
  • Teriparatide Use in Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis. Endocrinology Forum, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. November, 2007.
  • Intensive Insulin therapy in the Medical ICU: Brunkhorst versus VanDenBerghe. Endocrinology Forum, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. January, 2008.
  • Pioglitizone, Benefit or Harm: Discussion of the Recent PERISCOPE Trial. Endocrinology Forum, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. April, 2008.
  • Calcium Disorders: Hypercalcemia, Causes and Management. Internal Medicine Resident Noon Conference. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. April, 2008
  • Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy: Controversies over the syndrome’s existence, criteria for diagnosis and treatment. Endocrinology Fellows Lecture Series, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. August, 2008.
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  • Updates in Clinical Endocrinology 2008. Endocrinology Forum, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. October 2008.
  • Pharmacotherapy of Diabetes Mellitus: Insulin and Non-Insulin Hypoglycemics
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