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The specialists at Bryn Mawr Endocrinology are proud to offer OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Plans, one of the most successful and in-demand weight loss solutions available today.
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OPTIFAST© nutrition is only available at certified weight loss practices.

Our physician supervised program helps you take control of weight for long term success.

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Customize Your Weight Loss Plan with Two Starting Points

Everyone has unique needs and lifestyle challenges that need to be considered. We guide you based on medical need, starting with BMI, Body Mass Index goals. Two program starting points give you a custom approach to meeting your goals.

BMI 33+

All Meal Replacement

Very Low Calorie Medically Monitored Plan

Jumpstart© with OPTIFAST©

When BMI is greater than 33

Medically supervised phase allows you to safely lose
2-5 pounds per week
25-55 pound average weight loss in 12-20 weeks,

by replacing your current diet with calorie controlled meal replacements. Custom phase lengths to maintain health while quickly losing. After Jumpstart©, the Living Lean© core phase is required to transform to a custom food plan.

Full Replacement Program Details
BMI 25-32

Progressive Meal Replacement

Meal Replacement & Low Calorie Food Plan

Living Lean© with OPTIFAST©

When BMI is 25 to 32, Progressive is Best

Constant Coaching allows you to lose consistently
1-3 pounds per week
10-15 pound average weight loss in 6 weeks,

through a health habit training program with staged use of Optifast nutrition as a temporary tool for regaining control over eating well for weight loss.

Partial Replacement Program Details
Lean On Us Along Your Weight Loss Journey

Your continued weight loss efforts are supported here. Program graduates continue using their tools with Journey Trackers© Membership sessions. Twice monthly sessions are here for you to stay connected, keep up accountability and stay challenged.

Enrollment Financing

Program enrollment is pay as you go, with commitment at each phase of weight loss. OPTIFAST© nutrition purchase is available weekly. Program education costs are billed directly to participants for payment via cash, check or credit card. Health insurance can be billed only for individual medical visits & routine testing throughout the program. Complete enrollment details are provided during the Free Information Sessions; come and learn more.